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Welcome to the e-learning platform of MechMate project!

MechMate project addresses the problems of manufacturing SMEs’ managers, people employed in SMEs (technicians, administrative staff) as well as students and trainers/teachers in terms of mechatronics and lack of training means to facilitated innovation mechatronics - based technology introduction in manufacturing SMEs in Europe. 

The main objective of the current project is to provide an interactive training on mechatronics and to assist advanced mechatronics-based technologies introduction in manufacturing SMEs across Europe. Thus project realization would increase level of innovativeness of SMEs and finally result for them in a significantly higher competitiveness on the European and global market. 

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M001en - Course 01: Mechanics and machine elements
The module includes basic overview of mechanical engineering and most widely used parts in construction of different machines. The lessons are structured in way that the trainees will be able to learn the information about different aspects ...
M002en - Course 02: Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics
The electric and electronic supply and control are the one of the cornerstones for the modern mechatronic systems. This course is an introduction to the electric anc electronic engineering providing the essentials of the electric circuit ph ...
M003en - Course 03: Signals, systems and control in mechatronics
This module includes basic topics of signal theory and control theory for linear stationary automatic control systems. The training material can be used by a wide range of engineers from the industry working in the field of automation and m ...
M004en - Course 04: Digital Systems
The module includes basic overview 'Digital systems' which represents a group from elementary units to large assemblies that operate on a digital signals. In contrast, analog circuits manipulate analog signals whose performance is more subj ...
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03 May 2017

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